Training Balance

Our attitudes, behaviours and habits towards exercise play a key part in staying fit and injury free. We should aim to have a balanced training programme.

It is possible to tip the scales either way with decompensating behaviours such as overtraining, or conversely, overcompensating behaviours such as undertraining, both of which are suboptimal for our health and can lead to illness and injury.

If we are able to hit the sweet spot and find our optimal training balance, where exercise demand on the body is matched with its capacity, the training and health benefits can be vast.

Please explore the LBSM – Training Balance infographic below to learn further.

training balance infographic Training Balance

If you are suffering with injury, poor health or any features of suboptimal training balance, it is always best to chat this through with a medical health professional. Please contact the LBSM team if you need any further help.

Wishing you all the best for your health and fitness.

The LBSM team.

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