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Returning to sport and exercise after an injury can be daunting. Throughout the recovery process, your body has different requirements and capabilities. It is important to match the type and volume of exercise you are doing to the stage of recovery you are in. This will create the optimal environment for body to recovery and heal. 

Following a phased Return to Sport programme can help you structure your training as you recovery from injury.  

The guide below provides a structured approach, guiding you from the time of injury to returning to your chosen sport.  

LBSM Return to Sport Patient Information page 001 1 scaled Return to Sport Guide

Timelines when returning to sport can vary hugely, and depend on the type of injury, severity and what your exercise goals are. It is important not to rush through phases of recovery, but at the same time, appropriately challenge your body at each stage.  

It is always best to chat through your Return to Sport programme with a medical health professional. Please contact the LBSM team if you need any further help.  

Good luck, and wishing you all the best for your recovery.  

The LBSM team.  

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