The fees below are for self-funding patients only. All major insurance policies are welcome.

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Our service fees for self-funding patients

Initial consultation - £295

(Including ultrasound if needed). Consult one of our doctors for expert guidance. Virtual consultations available (please note that ultrasound scanning is not possible via virtual consult). Appointments are 30 minutes in length.

Follow up consultation - £180

Appointments are 15 minutes in length.

Injection therapies - from £495

All our injections are performed using the latest techniques under ultrasound guidance to insure precision. Please note consultation fees if required are not included in the price below and are additional.

Corticosteroid injection into joint or muscle – £495
Hyaluronic acid injection into joint or muscle – £495
Shoulder hydrodilatation for frozen shoulder – £575
Drainage of fluid – £495
High volume injection for tendons – £575
PRP please enquire for more details

Further investigation

Further investigation pricing (including blood tests, MRI, CT, bone scan, nerve conduction studies) vary on clinical request and service location. We will work with you to ensure you get the best care possible, at the most affordable price.