COVID-19 Rehabilitation

Patient recovering from COVID-19 and other viral illness can access our rehabilitation pathways, no matter what the symptoms.

An increasing number of people are now experiencing longer-term health implications after contracting COVID-19 with ‘Long COVID’ becoming a more medically defined condition. After making a recovery, it may be tempting to return to sport and exercise, however, certain COVID related symptoms can persist for many months after the illness, and many can be made worse from exercise.

The COVID-19 virus can cause a range of complications for our health. Certain systems of the body are more likely to have complications associated with them, including;

Heart and lungs
Muscle and joints
Blood clots
Mental Health
General and Chronic

It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive and it is always advisable to seek medical attention for any new symptoms you may have developed or are concerned about.